Who Arranges Pick-up?

If we have deal with you then all we need is the pick up location and load information. How many pallets and the total weight of the shipment. We will then make arrangements for pick up and pay the freight charges

How Do You Get Paid?

As far as payment is concerned, past experience confirms that the two ways we offer payment is preferred by our customers.

Option #1

50 % upfront by credit card and the balance on delivery of goods

Option #2

Payment in full by company check on receipt of goods at our Ohio warehouse . We will overnight the check via FEDEX if you wish.

Option #3

We are very flexible and open to suggestions if you have a better idea, present your payment option idea and we will consider it and get back with you quickly.

Our merchandise check-in process at our warehouse in Ohio is fast and only takes a day or so. We have a long history of transactions and a perfect credit record both on Ebay and with Paypal so you can be comfortable dealing with us. Our goal is to handle your first transaction in a way that makes you want to use us for all of your inventory liquidation needs. We can also provide additional references if you wish.