Common questions about our company, services and excess inventory.

We appreciate your interest in If you have suggestions, contact us with your additional questions and send us your feedback. We truly appreciate your input.

1. What excess inventory do you purchase
We purchase a wide variety and quantity of surplus assets. Primarily we look for general consumer merchandise. Let us know what you have. We will make a bid. If accepted we will pick up at your convenience and pay you right away.
2. Who do you buy from?
All manufactures, importers, wholesalers and just about any company that wants to liquidate a substantial inventory of product. Mostly general consumer merchandise. Toys, novelties, premiums, gifs,promotions, etc…. Just contact us!
3. What separates you from other liquidation buyers
We have the experience and authority to make purchase decisions quickly and to accept merchandise in bulk immediately.
4. What separates up from other overstock companies
  • One person makes the decision and negotiates the deal.
    There are no committee
    meetings to wait for.
  • We will pick up your excess inventory
    No future warehouse appointments or waiting necessary.
  • Payment is immediate.
    No terms or contracts are necessary.
  • We accept merchandise in bulk.
    Competitors deal only
    in packaged and branded goods.