When Bad Things Happen to Good Products….

How Did I Get Stuck With This Inventory?

We’ve all heard about it in this business,a company has a big new retail distributor that is going to make their business!They are going to order enough inventory to allow the owner to finally retire to the Bahamas.The relationship starts out with lots of good intentions, but something happens along the way.Their business model changes,their retail sales flatten out,whatever the reasons,you are left holding on to inventory that was intended to be on their store shelves.This is only one of countless scenarios that manufacturers and wholesalers face,but whatever the
details,the fact remains that excess inventory and overstock is a serious problem for many businesses around the world.

How Do I Liquidate This Excess Inventory?

The most serious question facing companies that end up with excess inventory is “What do I do with this merchandise?”Most companies with excess inventory that they need to liquidate know that they face some serious challenges. Some of the difficulties are: Who will buy it,will I have to hassle with shipping it,and perhaps most importantly,will I make any money on it.The reality is that most companies that buy excess inventory or liquidations are more like vultures and less like business people when it comes to making the deal.They know that they are in a better position to dictate the terms of the sale of your surplus inventory “problem.”

Are there Liquidators That I Can Trust?

The answer is YES. At Sirplus, we have been in the business  and doing business reputably for over 20 years. Our philosophy is simple; Treat our customers with respect, arrive at a price that is fair to both parties, pay promptly, and get the product shipped out of your warehouse hassle free. Our goal is to be a long term partner with companies that have sirplus or excess inventory issues from time-to-time. Our customers know that they can:

  • Call us and speak directly with a Decision Maker
  • Get a Quick Answer on whether the surplus inventory is right for us
  • Get a Price
  • And Arrange the Shipping if everyone is happy with the deal.

We May Be the Answer to Your Excess Inventory Problem?

The next step is to give us a call. We promise that we will be upfront, and not waste your time. Not every product is right for us, but we will let you know quickly and not waste your time. If your overstock or excess inventory is right for us, we can have you paid and get it out of your way in days. Give us the opportunity to show you how we do business, it could truly help your bottom line.